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Cleco Hold & Drive Nutrunners, 34 Series, 17-76, 5-10mm Hold [027-24 Series Hold&Drive]  $0.00 

The Cleco 34 Series pneumatic nutrunners are smaller, lighter, and faster tools, which are designed with a hold size of 5-10mm female hex and T30 Torx.  These powerful right angle pneumatic nutsetters cover a wide torque range from 17 - 76 Nm.  The 34 Series Hold & Drive Nutrunners incorporate an innovative motor design that provides more usable power in a smaller package.  Sometimes called shock absorber tools, "Hold-n-Drive" bolts are used with these tools in automotive and truck frame appplications.  Hold & Drive nutrunners reduce assembly handling to one person working form one side of the workpiece.  The bolt is held stationary by the tool while the nut is tightened from the same side.  This also eliminates reactions bars since the bolt absorbs the torque.

The Cleco 34 Series Hold & Drive Nutrunners are available with either a Clecomatic clutch or a Stall-type motor.

With a Clecomatic clutch,  the nutrunner shuts off the instant the clutch reaches its adjustable preset torque.  This action provides an accurate method of controlling torque without sacrificing tool speed.  Fluctuating air pressure has little to no effect on torque as long as the tool receives sufficient pressure from the air supply to trip the clutch.  Clecomatics are ideally suited for reverse applications because the clutch transmits more power in reverse than forward.  The 34 Series Clecomatics come with an externally adjusted and indicated clutch.  "Jeweled" bearings fully support the clutch assembly for longer service life.   

In stall-type air controlled nutrunners, the air motor is connected to the output spindle by planetary gearing and angle heads.  Clecomatic nutrunners stall the instant the clutch reaches the adjustable preset torque, which controls torque without sacrificing tool speed.  Stall-type pneumatic nutsetters can produce accurate torques, especially on applications with varying torque rates.  However, the operator can manage torque output by contolling the throttle and the air pressure.  Stall-type pneumatic nutrunners are recommended for applications requiring light-weight tools, or where fastener accessibility prevents the use of other types of tools.  Stall-type nutsetters are NOT recommended for high torque applications unless the application permits the tool to safely rest or react against a bracing point or the work, in order to remove the torque reaction from the operator. 

Improved ergonomically-designed handles and composite exhaust deflector pipes reduce noise and operator fatigue.   Precision-machined bevel gears and angle heads eliminate shims for easy maintenance and longer gear life.  An access plug simplifies lubrication.  A durable, polymer-coated angle head reduces system damage.   Cleco nutsetters offer the best power-to-weight ratio, and they offer the most performance, the highest level of accuracy (backed by the certification of ISO 5393), and the greatest flexibility in its class of pneumatic tools.  Cleco designs the 34 Series Nutsetter for fast operation, low scrap, and improved product quality.  In addition, the Cleco 34 Series Pneumatic Nutrunners operate with reduced energy costs, longer operating life, fewer replacement parts, and lower service costs.   Cleco 34 Series Hold & Drive Nutsetters feature:

  • Torque Range:  17-76 Nm
  • Hold Socket:  1/4 - 5/8", 5 - 14 mm, or T15 - T45 
  • Socket Style:  Female Hex, Male Hex, Female Oval, or T30 Torx
  • Clecomatic Clutch or Stall-Type
  • Lever Start
  • Reversible
  • Output Drive:  1/2 - 1-1/4", 13 - 21 mm, or Special
  • Free Speed RPM:  185 - 335
  • Length:  20." (approx.)
  • Weight:  7.7 or 8 lb.
  • Anglehead Height:  approx. 2.4"
  • External torque adjustment (Clecomatic models)
  • Indexable anglehead
  • One torque spring to meet specified range
  • Oilless blades
  • Contact at 1-336-282-2020 to spec your specific Cleco 34 Series Hold & Drive Nutrunner.

Manufacturer Part Number:  24 Series Hold&Drive
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 16 January, 2012.
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