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Cleco 41MR-910 Series Air Motors, Reversible, 0.6 HP, 2.9-39.6 ft.lb.


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Cleco 41MR-910 Series Air Motors, Reversible, 0.6 HP, 2.9-39.6 ft.lb.


Cleco 41MR-910 Series - 8 Models from which to Choose!

Cooper Power Tools makes pneumatic air motors, which are engineered for great flexibility, convenience, and reliability. The Cleco 41MR-910 Series air motors use compressed air for a wide range of uses, such as powering air-driven machinery, raising foundry copes and drags, rotating turntables, mixing paint, powering cranes, steering fishing boats, valve actuation, and powering mechanical hands.  There are eight (8) models to choose from, in a range of prices.

Pneumatic motors reduce spark hazards and do not burn out. If overloaded beyond their power capacity, air-controlled motors simply stall, without damage. The speed and torque of a Dotco air motor may be controlled by gearing or by use of an orifice or pressure regulator to restrict the pressure and volume of the air to the motor. In addtiion, variable speeds and torques may be obtained by use of throttle valves.

The Cleco 41MR-910 Series air motors are Rotary Vane Air Motors, which feature durable construction with precision heavy-duty bearings throughout, and multiple blade rotors for smooth power.

  • Round Housing
  • 1/2" Keyed Spindle
  • Rotary Vane
  • Max. 0.6 HP
  • Torque Range:  2.9 - 39.6 ft.lb./3.9 - 53.7 Nm
  • Side exhaust
  • Reversible
  • Right-hand rotation (Left-hand rotation available.)
  • RPM Range:  138 - 1875 at Max. HP/275 - 3750 at Free Speed
  • Gear Ratio Range: 4 -54:1
  • Weight:  approx. 5 lbs.
  • Call BlueTools.com at 1-336-282-2020 to specify your particular Cleco 41MR-910 Series Rotary Vane Motor

Cooper Power Tools manufactures pneumatic rotary vane motors with a  wide range of speeds and torques, as well as a choice of foot, face, or flange mounting. If you do not see a particular tool in the web store, call BlueTools.com at 1-336-282-2020. Any Cooper Power Tool, including Dotco, Buckeye, and Gardner-Denver, can be special ordered.

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